Video samples for Audix

At Pivot, we believe creative concepts and telling a story well are just as important as the shots you get. The videos below were conceived and written by Pivot, then filmed and edited by trusted partners.


Plateau – :15 Theater Spot

Make an impact quickly

This :15 spot played in movie theaters around Plateau’s serving area. Referencing a popular movie scene, this spot used computer animation to emphasize that Plateau is the wise choice.


Plateau – :30 Commercial

The Appy Family

The Appy family campaign was a Pivot concept that earned national awards for Plateau. This commercial is representative of that campaign, which combined video with supporting print material to create a memorable message.


Plateau – :30 Commercial

Emphasizing Differentiators

Plateau’s unlimited plans are one of their strongest selling points, so this commercial tells the story of just how wonderful – and delicious – unlimited can be.


Country Financial – Arie Salim

Video on a Budget

This commercial – which had both :30 and :60 iterations – cost less than $1000 to produce. But with a creative concept and a fun premise, the result was a humorous, effective spot that is shared online and shown before films.


Country Financial – Heidi Moore

Working with print elements

This :60 video (which had a :30 version as well) was created from print elements Pivot illustrated and designed for Heidi Moore of Country Financial. The elements were then repurposed for this animated spot to provide a needed video asset at a low cost.


Hunter Communications – Explainer Video

Long format videos made for sharing

Pivot is creating long form explainer videos – videos of about 2-3 minutes long – for several clients right now. These videos allow more in-depth stories to be told in lighthearted ways, and are highly shareable online. This video is still in production, so you will only see the first minute here.


Now we would love to show you what we can do for you, Audix!

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