Whose Job Is It?

by Abby Lambert


With increased competition and changes in the telecommunications industry, more companies are requesting training support from Pivot to help move their staff from the old order-taking way of doing things to a new proactive approach to customer care.  As a Pivot trainer I spend time interacting with staff from all parts of a telco, not just the customer service and sales departments. In recent training sessions that include CSRs, outside technicians, Finance, IT and CO, I’ve noticed that many participants still consider customer relations and sales to be the job of the marketing department, with CSRs being responsible for taking care of customer’s orders.

During the course of training, we discuss the fact that telcos are under pressure to find new revenue streams while reducing costs. I point out that one large cost is labor, and telco staff can help offset the cost of their compensation by actively bringing in new revenue—in the form of sales. People nod their heads and agree that it’s everybody’s job to keep the company in business. Yet, when asked point blank: “What should you say to a potential customer who requests information on products and services?” many participants will respond with something like “I don‘t know…you’ll have to call the office,” or “That’s not my department.”

In training sessions, we spend two to six hours discussing customer service, communications and sales skills—all within the context of keeping the company financially viable. We emphasize the fact that it’s everybody’s job to know the company’s products and services, and each person can do their part. The Marketing department can support sales through marketing collateral and campaigns, community outreach and public relations, but in the end it comes down to one-on-one relationships, one customer at a time. Selling is simply a way to provide essential information about your company’s services to other members of the community. Who better to nurture these relationships than our public-facing employees such as I&R, service techs, and construction along with CSR and Internet support techs?

When you’re faced with the old attitude of “It’s not my job,” remind people that they benefit from being employed at your company, and it’s everybody’s job to do their part in keeping the company in business. Sales is everybody’s job. Success is everyone’s reward.


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