Salad Club

by Alixandra Bowman


You know what makes Pivot an awesome place to work? Salad! Every Thursday afternoon, the Pivot Salad Club convenes in the office common area to share salad and conversation. Entrance into the club is simple: bring one ingredient to contribute to the themed salad of the week. And what if you forget to bring an ingredient? No worries! Grab a plate and join in!

Salad Club was started last year by Pivot Research Manager Chelsea Radich.  But Salad Club is about much more than salad; first, it’s about trying something new. Salad themes have included Asian, beet, roast chicken, and pear gorgonzola. Participants bring a wide array of salad elements—anything from fresh lettuce and bread to strangely named vegetable and exotic spices. The club provides an easy way to try something out of the ordinary and experiment with new flavors.

Second, Salad Club is  about leading a healthy life. As Pivot Salad Club member Joey Bianco says, it “forces me to eat salad.” These Thursday afternoons expose us to new ways to eat vegetables, and provides a fun environment in which to eat nutritious meals.  As Salad Club is healthy for the body, it is equally as healthy for the mind.

Third, Salad Club is about community. The most compelling perk of Salad Club is to step away from our workspace for an hour or so out of the week to spend time getting to know each other. Some of us spend more than 40 hours per week sitting at a desk next each other, but Salad Club is an opportunity to sit around a table to talk, to laugh, and actually get to know our coworkers. Pivot’s Casey Daline explains that, “it brings out people from different departments that you don’t always get to talk to during the day.”

I think that Pivot member Rachel Getsinger sums it up best: “I like that Salad Club is a chance for collaboration. You put in something little, and out comes this full meal—that feeds more than who gave… Kind of like life: a lot of good things happen when people share.”

Why don’t you start a Salad Club in your office? We have lots of good salad themes to get started with. Since everyone brings their own special ingredient, the end result is always a fun surprise.

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