The Honeymoon Stage Is Over. Now What?

by Shawna Kersenbrock


Okay, so you got the customer to say “I do” (they took your service – YEAH)! Now what?  So many times businesses’ sole marketing focus is on gaining new customers.  But what about the customer who has been loyal to you? Do they get the latest deal or promotion to switch over?  For many companies, the cost to do so is prohibited.  So now what?  Here are some exciting ways to reward or engage the current customers to keep them in that honeymoon stage:

  • Have you ever played Bingo with your customers?  It’s simple and fun.  I encourage you to check out NATCO’s Facebook page to see how they are doing it.
  • Reward the customer with a referral program.  Check out Citizens in Missouri’s referral program here.
  • Another great interaction game you can play with your customers is a puzzle.  Rainbow Communications in Kansas did a puzzle that was made around their 60-year anniversary.  They took pictures over the 60 years and placed them in the 60 to make a puzzle that the customers could put together online.  Check out the Facebook cover photo they did to promote it:

Pivot Group Rainbow Promotion

  • What about Pick-It or March Mania with Pivot Group?  Several of our clients play the football and basketball bracket games with their clients.  It’s a great way to interact and reward them for playing. Some companies even do a random drawing so all customers have a chance to win.

The point is: find a way to keep the honeymoon stage going with your customers.  Retention plays a huge roll in today’s telecom world.  You spent a lot of money to gain your customers; finding ways to keep them engaged with you is key. What ideas do you have? What has worked with your customers? I would love to hear them.



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