The Voice of the Customer – Are You Listening?

by Jeremy Graves


Not long ago, many companies in our industry were not overly concerned with what customers thought about them. Sure, sometimes surveys were sent that asked their opinion on how they are being served. But all too often nothing was done with the feedback that could have been truly instrumental in creating lasting and significant changes for our customers to increase their overall satisfaction.

This is where the voice of the customer (VoC) comes into play. It’s a relatively new philosophy that identifies all of the methods which customers provide feedback and not just the solicited kind. Think of it as a funnel of all the comments customers are saying about you and wrapping clarity and a strategic action plan around them when appropriate.

VoC’s core function is to capture customer thoughts, expectations, preferences and aversions and prioritize them according to your particular business objectives. And finally, and perhaps most importantly, it involves closing the loop with the customer letting them know that corrective action is in the works.

We (Pivoteers) like to think we’re actively listening to our clients (our friends), but I’m certain we could do better as well. It’s critically important to us that we hear how we can serve our clients better and be 100% open to the areas where improvement is needed. We have begun working with clients in new and exciting ways and invested in new services based on what you have told us will help you get to where you want to go.

2014 marks the 10-year anniversary of Pivot. I’m proud to say that I’ve been part of the story as a friend, a client and now as a fellow Pivoteer. I’m excited that Pivot Forward is happening as this article is being posted. We are celebrating this week with our clients who have been with us on this journey – some who have been with us since the beginning of our story and some who are helping us write the next chapter. We will always do our best to be open to your needs and exceeding your expectations because the Voice of our Friends (VoF) will always be at the core of our existence.


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