The White Lady

by Abby Lambert


I live in a comfortably boring neighborhood. New house construction and the occasional lost cat are the main topics of conversation. The most memorable event was a visit by the police last summer, responding to a call about a suspected Peeping Tom. They never caught him—in fact, there’s conjecture that the whole incident was the result of teenage girls’ overactive imaginations. There is one item of note however: the White Lady.

I’m not talking about the famous White Lady ghost who is rumored to travel alongside the world’s rivers in search of her lost child. I’m talking about our own local White Lady. She was first sighted a few years ago, walking along our main thoroughfare. Slender, shoulder-length silver hair and a tanned face, she dresses in white pants and a white shirt. She walks alone with a slow purposeful stride, arms crossed, and a slight smile on her face like she’s thinking about something funny. At times she stands outside the local coffee shop with a to-go cup and cigarette. In winter she bundles up with a white coat and hat.

At first I thought she was just a neighborhood oddball, but then I started seeing her in other locations farther afield. Walking along a busy highway. Standing in the aisle at random shops. Peering into parked cars in a large supermarket parking lot. Actually I’m not sure if she was peering or looking at her reflection in the car window. One thing never changes – the half smile on her face that makes me wonder what she finds so amusing.

I shared my fascination of the White Lady with family members. Soon my husband started sending me photos of White Lady sightings. Now I send sightings to him. We never know when or where we’ll see her.  It’s almost like rare bird watching.

My curiosity urged me to find out more about the White Lady. Should I approach her and strike up a conversation? What do I say, “Nice day isn’t it?” What should I do if she doesn’t respond, or what’s the plan if she does start talking? Do I ask her why she always wears white?

The last time I saw her she was standing in front of the local grocery store’s main doors. I decided I would approach her on my way out… but she was gone. Elusive. It’s been many weeks since I’ve seen The White Lady.  Maybe it’s better she remains a mystery.


Update 12/29: A picture of the White Lady has been secured!

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