The Peanuts Have Arrived

by Katie Goodell


Yesterday was a great day. Around 10:00 AM at the Portland Pivot office, a woman in a UPS uniform opened the door to bring us a delivery. It wasn’t a small box of office supplies, or a case of printed materials for one of our clients. It was a bag made of tightly woven yellow mesh filled with 25 pounds of peanuts.

That’s right. Peanuts. Valencia in-shell peanuts, to be specific. Twenty-five pounds of them.

Pivot Group - The Peanuts Have ArrivedAnd while it may seem unusual (and a bit comical) to see a petite UPS delivery woman heave the giant bag of peanuts through our office door, it actually wasn’t a surprise. We hadn’t ordered a giant bag of peanuts, but I was definitely awaiting their arrival. Every December, Pivot receives a bag just like this from the office of one of our longtime clients, Yucca Telecom, located in Portales, New Mexico. Portales is famous for their peanuts; the town is the nation’s top producer of organic peanut butter in the U.S.

They probably realize it by now, but our friends who work for Yucca Telecom in Portales must know their Christmas gift is a special one. I definitely don’t have anyone else in my professional or personal life giving me peanuts for Christmas, I can tell you that! They send us a gift that can literally be shared and enjoyed by everyone in the office, even as our Pivot team has grown. (Luckily no peanut allergies here! That might change this story a bit…) They share a piece of their local culture and regional abundance with us up here in Oregon. And they most definitely make us smile.

To be honest, we struggle to finish the entire 25-pound bag each year. But I love the peanuts. Bowls of peanut shells will be a common site around here for the next couple weeks. Peanuts come to every meeting in the conference room. Many of us will take paper bags full of peanuts home for our families to munch on.

This is my fifth December working for Pivot. Which means this is the fifth time I’ve had the pleasure of partaking in what has become a very tasty, crunchy, salty, wonderful tradition. Peanuts from Yucca means the holidays have come to the Pivot office!

Thank you to our friends at Yucca Telecom for continuing to bring peanut-y joy. I hope we can all see the value in sharing joy with our customers, vendors, friends, and families this holiday season!

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  1. Cecile says:

    That is great to know that y’all enjoy the peanuts as much as we enjoy sharing them with you!! Merriest of Christmas wishes to all of you at Pivot!!

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