To RX or Scale?

by Shawna Kersenbrock


Most of you reading this blog would look at the title and not have a clue what it is about. Prescriptions or your weight may come to mind. Well, as many of you know, I am a Crossfitter. Everyday the workout of the day, or WOD, is written on a plain whiteboard and explained by my coach. After a 3-2-1 countdown, we’re off!

Today’s WOD was…

  • 5 rounds for time
  • 9 deadlifts 135/95#
  • 6 hang power snatch 135/95#
  • 3 OH squats 135/95#

If my fellow crossfitters and I can complete the performed WOD as it’s prescribed, we get an “RX” beside our names. Today under my name (Special K) on the whiteboard, you would see 9:47 63#, meaning I completed the WOD in 9 minutes, 47 seconds and had 63 pounds of weights on my bar. So I scaled the weight. Believe me, I really wanted to do 53 pounds but my coached simply wouldn’t let me skim by.

I can take my information from the whiteboard and put into the WOD app on my phone to track my progress with my weight and times.

Now, you may ask, “Shawna, why are we talking about Crossfit on the Pivot Group blog?”  The answer is this: as I sit here, I wonder how many of us go through life doing the scaled or the skim version of what we can do for our companies? Are we tracking the results so that we can see the progress being made? Are we putting it out there so everyone in the workplace can see it?

Our RX version may look like this:

50 New Installs From Quarterly Promotion

  • Meeting Internally describing the campaign (1 week prior to promotion starting)
  • Direct Mail Piece Round 1: Day 1
  • Direct Mail Piece Round 2: Day 45
  • Customer Callbacks who received direct mail piece: Day 14
  • Customer Callbacks Round 2: Day 55
  • Billboard: Day 1
  • Web Banner on our own website: Day 1
  • Radio Ad 1: Day 1
  • Radio Ad 2: Day 31
  • Radio Ad 3: Day 61
  • Pay-Per-Click Ads: Until the campaign has reached $500
  • Newspaper Ad: Day 1
  • Newspaper Ad: Day 15
  • Newspaper Ad: Day 31
  • Newspaper Ad: Day 45
  • Newspaper Ad: Day 61
  • Newspaper Ad: Day 75
  • Posters in office: Day 1

We could scale that version because of budget cuts or management decisions for example; or maybe, our team skimmed by, only making one follow-up call and not changing out the ads? Did our goals and results ever get written on the board, communicated for all to see? Did we use the board to compare results for when we have the promotion again?

There are a lot of similarities between crossfit and a marketing department. I challenge you to use your own “whiteboard” and write out the RX plan for your company and follow up with the results!

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