Reliability Matters

by Ian Doescher


People look for different things in cars.  Some people look for ruggedness, some for value, some — as the recent Chevy “You know you want a truck” ads suggest — a particular image.

Pivot Group - Reliability MattersI’ve driven a Toyota basically every day since 1999, when I first moved out of my parents’ house.  Two Corollas and now a Prius. Let men more macho than I make fun of my Toyotas and my humming little hybrid — I’m content because reliability is, far and away, the biggest thing I look for in a car.  Does it start when I turn the key (or press the power button — see, macho men, hybrids are cool!)?  Does it get me safely from Point A to Point B?  Then it’s the car for me.

[I’m writing this blog post from the Toyota dealership, where I’m having three tires changed unexpectedly.  Does that mean my car isn’t reliable?  No way — every car has its trouble – mine is no different. I’ll still gladly take my Toyota over your Hummer.]

Computers? I want them to be reliable, too. I’ve been a loyal Apple user for a decade now, and I love that every time I turn on my computer it starts right up. Just like my car.

From cell phones to televisions, from waffle irons to the garbage and recycling schedule, I like things to be reliable. Reliability is a big theme in my life, I guess. I’m a busy person, so I don’t want to worry about whether or not something is going to work.

One of the things I love most about working at Pivot is how reliable my coworkers are. I know that if I ask a coworker to do something, not only will it be done, but it will be done well. I have worked in other jobs in which I had coworkers who were questionable at best, or unreliable at worst. That is not a problem at Pivot, and I truly love working with people who are incredibly reliable — people who know how to get work done, people I can trust, people I don’t mind handing tasks off to.

Is your company reliable? Reliability may not be the biggest thing for every person — for some people it will be ruggedness, for some people value, for some people a particular image, or some other factor. But for many people, reliability is an overwhelmingly important factor, and I would venture to say reliability makes everyone’s list when they are looking at a company. Even if it’s not first on the list, it makes the list. So, is your company reliable? Do your products work the way you say they will? Are your customer service representatives as friendly as you claim they are? Are your policies as ethical as you want them to be? At the end of the day, will you stand behind your company, what it does, and the products and services it offers? If the answer is yes, pat yourself on the back — you’re doing something right. If the answer is no, it’s not too late to make some New Year’s resolutions. I’d rather live in an unfashionable world or an expensive world than an unreliable world. How about you?

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