What does a Meg mean to Aunt Peg?

by Aaryn Slafky


Most of us in the telecom industry understand the differences between a Gigabit and a Megabit, or a Megabyte and a Terabyte. But does your Aunt Peg know what a Meg is? Does she know that 1 Gig is faster than 100 Mbps? Probably not. And that makes selling a bigger plan harder. Yet, if we don’t try, we may have more dissatisfied customers trying to do too much with too small of a pipe.

We know the trend is that people will consume and produce more and more content. More companies are either creating more content to consume or more devices that require a bandwidth connection. The day  I replace my trusty refrigerator with a smart one that adds to my shopping list or gives me recipe ideas based on what’s on hand is the day that I just might be able to claim I’ve hit the pinnacle of organized.

Does it really matter if consumers know the differences in speed? The focus of conversations should be on what they are using the connection for and how many devices they are planning to connect. Our messaging should be on the experience and how a bigger plan can improve that experience.

At the beginning I said “most” of us in the industry know the differences. That was on purpose. I think we all grasp that a Gig is more bandwidth than a Meg, in principle. The key is to understand the difference from the consumer’s perspective in such a way that you can figure out what they need and explain to them why they need it. The second key is understanding what role bandwidth vs. equipment vs. usage plays. Having a poor streaming video that’s fuzzy and buffering might be because your wifi connection is weak, or it might be that the kids are hogging all the bandwidth for building their Minecraft world, or that everyone else in the world is trying to watch that crazy cat video at the same time.

It’s about having a conversation with Aunt Peg to uncover what’s best for her home or business. That’s the beauty of working with the clients we do. They are local. They can have those conversations. The tricky part is getting the conversations started. That begins with the right messaging in your marketing. 

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