Thank You

by Shawna Kersenbrock


Eggs!For more than a year now, my boys have been in the chicken business. It’s a simple business, really.  They sell their “Free Range Chicken Eggs” to customers who live in town who can’t have chickens but want farm fresh eggs. My boys’ chicken flock started small with about 12 hens, but now the flock has grown into a large number of hens and even a few roosters (we don’t want to count them for fear that Dad will stop the reproduction business).

The first customers my sons had were family and close friends, but they did their legwork and researched what the competition was pricing their eggs and what you could buy eggs at the store for. Their advertising efforts were plain and simple word of mouth advertising and, eventually, their business grew.

A week ago, they decided to give a customer a week of extra eggs as their way of saying, “Thanks for being a great customer!” It took some  communicating between the two boys to agree this was the right move, as it was my oldest son’s idea and my youngest didn’t want to give up the money lost in this “Thank You” plan.

Once they dropped off the 18 eggs (instead of the usual 12 eggs) last week, something wonderful happened:

  • The customer was extra excited to receive the 18 eggs
  • Upon discussing it with her friends, the boys received an additional customer

Six eggs was a lot for one son to part with revenue-wise, but it created a loyal customer and added another. This action got me thinking: Are you reaching out to your current customers regularly and letting them know you appreciate their business? What can your business do that isn’t a large revenue loss but still says, “Thank you?”

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