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by Rachel Getsinger


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Getting to know a client is always an exciting time. At Pivot, we like to sit down with a new client and walk them through a story development and branding exercise. The purpose of this meeting is to dive deep into their brand and ask the pinnacle question, “Where do you want to go?”

A year ago, Audix Microphones walked this journey with us. Through the branding processes, we came to understand their need to differentiate their brand from their competitors, as well as their desire to express personality and audience engagement.

Design’s first step was to create a few different mood boards to portray different ways the core values and visual goals of Audix could be expressed. Audix ended up loving a mix between a treatment that included double exposure and interacting hand lettered visuals. (See Figures 1.0 & 1.1)

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Behind The Scenes-07

Our next step was to take client-approved headline and copy from the hands of the creative team and create something visually astounding.

With budget in mind, we searched the world of stock photography for images that could marry together to tell a visual story and express the emotion of the particular mic in the limelight. In this case, the mic was the SCX25A, which is an acoustic microphone. (See Figure 2.0)

Behind The Scenes-02

We then hand lettered the headline “Capture The Music” to express the human element in music. Our ultimate goal was to create a piece that showed the mic as both a canvas and a tool that allows the user to express whatever music is living within them. (See Figure 3.0)

Behind The Scenes-03

After all the elements were ready to relate to one another, we arranged them to create the final piece. Below, you can see a number of Audix ads that have been developed for their different microphones. (See Figure 4.0)

Behind The Scenes-04

Good design is collaborative. It takes knowing where you want to go and participation from our clients, creative team, consultants, designers and more to go somewhere amazing…together.

To see more of this project, please visit our Behance page.

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