Space Matters

by Ian Doescher


It’s sometimes easy to forget that human beings are embodied creatures. We have bodies! When I’m sitting in front of my computer screen for nearly eight hours per day, I sometimes forget this (except for those moments when my body tells me I need to eat or take it to the bathroom). In today’s world, when we work with people all over the country or the world and spend our time emailing them or talking on the phone, it is tempting to think we’re just a bunch of disembodied voices or words on a screen, and to forget people have actual bodies.

But we do have bodies, and because that’s true, the space around those bodies matters. Today, Pivot is holding Pivotpalooza, our open house celebrating the official launch of our new Portland office. I’ll be the first to admit I’ve been only minimally involved with the setup of the new office space. Mostly, others have worked on it and I’ve been happily watching the changes take place around me. (It’s possible I was even gone on vacation on move day.) The result of the tireless work that has been happening for the last few months is a stunning new workspace. Below are some pictures of the new space. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Space matters. Good space matters even more. Welcome home, Pivot!

Welcome Home, Pivot

Our lumber/northwest theme is prevalent throughout the office, with many features handmade from real wood.

Welcome Home, Pivot

Second-hand and used materials were found that match our look.

Welcome Home, Pivot

Our main conference room, called The Mill, repurposes a wall used as a divider in our old office for the table surface.

Welcome Home, Pivot

This room is a little getaway room for anyone who might need a little downtime. It purposely cannot be booked for meetings. The feel is of a cabin in the woods.

Welcome home, Pivot

This area, known as the “design corral,” allows our designers to work together in an open and collaborative environment.

Welcome home, Pivot

We’re excited to welcome more people to the office today as we celebrate!

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  1. Jade says:

    Looks amazing. Can’t wait to visit when I return to Portland!!

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