Negative Space Isn’t So Negative

by Cristina Larsen and Jessica Lyon


White space (also referred to as negative space) is an essential element in any design. Think of white space as a pause between statements in a conversation. IMAGINEIFWEWROTETHISINTIREBLOGPOSTWITHOUTANYSPACEBETWEENSENTENCES
GIVEUPANDPOSSIBLYWANTTOPUNCHUSINTHEFACE. Inadequate white space in an advertisement can have the same effect on your customers. Don’t be afraid of empty spaces—they’re there for a reason. Sometimes this means simplifying your message or removing elements in a layout to make room for that much needed space. Let us show you what we mean.

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This is obviously an extreme example (used car ads are famous for this), but this newspaper ad gives you absolutely no resting space. It’s all up in our faces, shouting APRPAYMENTOPTIONSPRICELOCATIONSAMAPICAN’TREADBONUSES
MPGSTOCKPREDRIVENANDSIXLINESOFFINEPRINT! We’re left feeling overwhelmed and a little like curling up into a ball and crying. It’s the advertising equivalent of the obnoxious car salesman.

Now, consider the same type of ad with some white space. Decisions have been made to take out unessential information for the sake of focus, organization and brand integrity. This ad lets us cruise around without stalking us, pressuring us or generally looking creepy. We feel safe and happy.

Pivot Group - Negative Space



When considering how much information to include in an ad, keep in mind white space can be even more important than things like prices, specials, locations, options, etc. We encourage you to embrace white space. Don’t be this guy…

Pivot Group - Negative Space

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