True Beauty is on the Inside

by Kelsie Montgomery


The interior of your business is an opportunity for you to reinforce the branding identity you’ve already worked to establish. You wouldn’t want a potential customer to see your beautifully designed ad online, then visit your location only to be greeted with a dingy, frumpy, colorless space. This can feel like false advertising to a consumer. Their first impression was great, but the second was a little weak. Even a great customer service experience can be overshadowed by a poorly designed interior, which can equate to a missed opportunity with a client.


Pivot Group - True Beauty Is On the Inside



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Reiterating your company’s identity through its interior design doesn’t have to be literal. You can build character in your space by displaying what’s important to your company. Portland’s AirBNB headquarters is a shining example. As seen in this video, the company values people, places, and belonging, which translates beautifully into their brand and their space.

I was recently able to tour their unique, cozy three-story call center. It is filled with niches for employees to get comfortable and settle in while they discuss hospitality needs with their clientele of AirBNB hosts and guests. Sound-resistant meeting rooms are located sporadically on every floor, each named after and based on a favorite AirBNB listing. This call center has almost as much quirky hospitality as the homes they rent out to their guests. The main work floor is separated into halves—one with bright lighting and white work surfaces, the other with dimmer lighting and light gray surfaces to accommodate lighting preferences in their work environments. Although there is no assigned seating, standing desks, hammock chairs, conversation pits, community tables, and booth seating appeals to the posture preference of every call center employee.

Pivot Group - True Beauty Is On the Inside

Pivot Group - True Beauty Is On the Inside

Pivot Group - True Beauty Is On the Inside

Pivot Group - True Beauty Is On the Inside

Did I mention the full-service coffee bar on the second floor? French Press, cold brew, pour over…basically anything you could ever need to make yourself a cup of happy.

Pivot Group - True Beauty Is On the Inside

Well-designed workspaces make for happier employees. Happy employees improve customer service. Even seemingly small things like lighting, seating areas, and storage can go a long way towards a more pleasant and productive environment.

Think about your customers. They need to be able to enter your space and take care of business while, hopefully, enjoying their experience with you. Think about how you can engage all five of their senses. You can literally surround your customer with your brand—something you can’t do with just an advertisement.

So, maximize your brand and make your employees happier!

P.S. We do interior concept planning! Who better to design your space than someone who already understands your brand?

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