You Have a Social Media Page, Now What?

by Shawna Kersenbrock


You convinced the team to start social media pages, but are they benefiting your business? Are you getting people to view your posts? Better yet, are they posting or commenting?

When I was in Dallas a few months ago for the CrossFit Regional competition, I noticed how well the CrossFit community utilizes social media. Dave Castro, CrossFit Games Director, posted many times per day on his own personal Instagram and Facebook pages. His posts consisted of pictures of himself with competitors or fans, competitors competing live, and competition results. Once Castro had posted, the official CrossFit Games account would repost those pictures on their various social media pages. It was unbelievable how many likes and comments they would get because of this!

Not only did Castro and the official CrossFit Games account make an impact on social media, the vendors knocked their marketing out of the park. The vendors at each booth would sell their merchandise and give out samples as people walked by. On the first day for example, Quest had a booth with a handwritten poster with the hashtag #questreebokxftx. As people at the regional competition tagged that hashtag in their regional photos, Quest would give you a ton of free Quest products to take with you.

Other vendors took note of Quest’s success with this promotion and, by the second day, two other vendors were running similar promotions. The line of people standing at these booths to show the vendors they had posted these images was unreal.

What event are you planning or attending next (e.g., county fairs, college enrollment, open houses)? Is there a way to utilize social media to post images and information regarding the event? Can you use hashtags to your advantage to draw people to your sites and services? Using social media and hashtags to engage current and prospective customers can bring awareness and attention to your company. And, as they say, the more posts, comments, shares, likes, hashtags, and views, the better!

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