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Most of us, whether we know it or not, make marketing decisions every day. Sometimes multiple times a day. Generally, these marketing decisions follow a very specific, well thought out marketing plan.

No, I’m not talking about those of us who work in marketing for a living. Not at all. I’m talking about those of us who have Facebook or Twitter accounts (and, yes, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Snapchat, whatever!).

Most of us, I would guess, have a pretty good idea of how we want others online to experience us. If you were to check out my many social media pages, you’d see that my online persona is successful, is funny, is self-deprecating, cares deeply about family, is occasionally socially active (but not too much), and has just the right dose of sarcasm. That’s my marketing strategy, and wow am I good at carrying it out! My marketing strategy—my personal positioning statement, if you will—doesn’t include things like having a bad temper, being prone to overreacting when I get hurt, getting fussy with my children, whatever. Oh no, if you believe my social media pages, Ian Doescher is a pretty fantastic guy.

My point is: if you interact on social media regularly, you know something about marketing. You know what it is to position yourself in a certain way, even if that way is negative/rebellious/whatever. It doesn’t mean you’re always putting your best foot forward—some people are constantly putting their worst foot forward on social media, and that’s how they market themselves. Regardless of the message, people tend to be pretty consistently on-message when it comes to social media.

This could all sound really callous—I mean, really, we’re not marketing ourselves because none of us are really SELLING something on social media, right? Well, that’s mostly true. Certainly, I don’t expect people to buy anything from me. But do I want them to buy the idea that I’m a likable guy? Sure do! This also doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be authentic on social media, because you should be. I don’t lie on social media, I just don’t post the bad stuff. I’m authentic… selectively. So are most of my friends on social media. So are most companies in their advertising.

The next time you’re trying to figure out how to market your company, or trying to figure out your company’s character, ask yourself: if your company were a person, what kind of Facebook page would it have? What links would it post? What comments would it like? What witty observations about life would it make? If your brand has as much personality—and as consistent of a personality—as most of us do on social media, you’ll be off to a great start.

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