Does Your Logo Need to Evolve?

by Cristina Larsen

Thanks to your logo, your customers can make judgments about your company within seconds. They can tell from a glance if your company is modern, innovative, outdated, or (worse) cheap. If your logo is looking a little sad, a brand refresh might be just the thing for you.

As your company and culture evolves, it’s possible for your brand to get stuck in the past. Things that were true years ago may no longer fit who you are today. Perhaps you started out at as a company with a low budget and very few customers. Now, your company has amazing customer service, a great product to offer, and many happy customers. You want your logo to reflect that. Time to ditch the clip-art logo your cousin Bob sold to you for five bucks.

It could be time for a refresh if your company has grown beyond its original purpose. For example: you started out as a telephone company (we’ll call it Awesome Telephone Company), but now you offer telephone, Internet and TV. You might need a logo that encompasses all of the other awesome things you do now.

Even if the concept behind your logo still hits the mark, it can look visually old. Design trends change. Having an outdated logo can be like wearing bellbottoms to a business meeting. It might be time to change your pants.

Take a good look at your logo and try to see it through your customer’s eyes. A good brand should feel authentic and tell the truth about who you are. You work so hard in all the other aspects of your company—why fall short with your first impression?

Pivot Group - Logo Is Everything

Pivot Group - Logo Is Everything

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