Photo-Compositing: Create Something Unique

by David Griffiths


One of the biggest challenges in design is creating imagery that will be noticed, something that will catch people’s eyes and cause them to stop and look at the ad they just glanced at. There are millions of ads out there, and people see countless of images every day. So, what’s the name of the game? Be different. When we as marketers only have a few seconds to pull in a viewer, creating something eye-catching is essential. One way to ensure a unique image is to use the technique known as photo-compositing.

Photo-compositing is combining two or more photos together to create a single unique image. The possibilities are nearly endless. I want to show you just one example of a campaign Pivot Group did for the Oregon Association of Nurseries (OAN). OAN is the main voice for the nursery industry in Oregon. They host a national industry show in Portland every year, and this year they wanted  fresh imagery that would increase their show’s attendance.

Pivot Group came up with the concept for the campaign and called it Farwest: Far From Ordinary. This opened the door for great possibilities for imagery through photo-compositing. Our goal was to come up with imagery that combined plants with people, connecting the two in an unmistakable way.

The following is what we designed for the campaign:

Pivot Group - Photo-Compositing

Pivot Group - Photo-Compositing

Pivot Group - Photo-Compositing

Pivot Group - Photo-Compositing
These images created a captivating campaign. Turning through the pages of a magazine, one has to stop and take a look. These ads are unlike any other nursery ads out there. When the goal was to be different, to stand out, this campaign accomplished it.

Photo-compositing is a powerful way to take imagery to the next level. Next time you think about how to set your campaign apart from the competition, consider using photo-compositing.


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