Fear is a Beast

by Rachel Getsinger


A Note to Fellow Creatives: Are you a Mimic or a Creative?

With the rising economy of followship, everyone is able to seek fame and fans. Along with the tides of talent come a myriad of mimics seeking to ride the coattails of true creativity, resulting in a wash of weak creative. After observing this, I started wondering why there is a drive for such affirmation, and why all the true creativity seems to be fleeing. It seems like many are trying to be like someone else, and for a moment, I began feeling this desire as well! Why was I starting to lose myself, my perspective and my story?

Weak creative happens when you lack a sense of self and story. It’s creative born from fear. I think it is important to seek inspiration and to follow trends, but it is crucial to create and problem solve out of a solid sense of true identity. Here is how I see fear and a false sense of self affecting creativity:

Pivot Group - Fear is a Beast

But how do we become confident creatives? How do we find our own unique visual voice/story/perspective? Like any hero’s journey, we must overcome ourselves before reaching our true potential/destiny.

Pivot Group - Fear is a Beast


In this case, it is understanding that your worth is not based on what you put out (your competency), but who you are as an individual (your identity). If your sense of identity is weak, your creativity will also be weak. Becoming a confident creative is a result of finding a sense of belonging and understanding in your own story and self and not in your competency/work. When identity is based on work, so is your worth. I have found it is easy to base my identity and worth in what I make, but what lay around the corner of that lifestyle was shame — not feeling good enough, and a desire for perfection. I found myself lacking joy in the creative process and not feeling confident in the work I was producing. At the end of the day, it became easier to mimic the finished product of others to create a weak solution, rather than look into myself and my unique perspective to craft something worth making.

We can create out of a sense of self, but it matters whether it’s based on our competency or our identity.

Pivot Group - Fear is a Beast

Some days I fall to the right on this scale, and other days on the left. Ultimately, we are all on this grand journey together, so let’s stop trying to be each other and find ourselves instead. Let’s wake up to our own story and unique perspectives and start creating out of who we are!

So take heart and in the words of Bob Ross, “Believe that you can do it!”

Pivot Group - Fear is a Beast

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