Practice makes perfect… No, it is about the journey

by Ashley Brown


As a full-service marketing and advertising agency, our business is you. Not only do we try to be the best agency to help you with marketing, research, advertising, web, and training needs, we live our business. We hire some of the best, practice to become better and set goals daily. We are there with you on your journey, which is all a part of our journey to become better, and we are committed to the goals of every one of our clients.

Recently, I decided it was time for me to do something to practice being a better me and set some new goals. I wanted to improve my inner self, boost my immunity, improve my sleep quality, decrease stress… the list goes on. I went on a mission to find this secret improvement practice. Where did I find myself? In a little yoga studio off the beaten path. I have attempted yoga countless times over the past decade and have never been committed to the purpose or the practice or finding the little piece that keeps me going. About a month ago I found it – the journey of the unknown intersection of exciting and tough.

I cannot touch my toes, I cannot gracefully do the Warrior II, my Tree looks like a four year old’s dance move, forget about seeing me do any of the balance poses (unless you want to see some gymnastics), and I am so sore that carrying around my 9 month old is a new exercise. But guess what? I feel pretty damn good. I practice daily, even if it is 20 minutes. I go to the studio… when I have time. I have connected with yogis and made friends with other beginners. I am doing something new, which is extremely hard. It’s something I know nothing about, but I am doing it and am committed to this new journey.

The journey to my current practice was not easy, and tomorrow will not be any easier, but I will continue to practice and learn about something that could help transform my journey. All of my practice will not make perfect, but I am dedicated to the journey and to doing something new that I have not done before.

Have you tried something recently that you knew nothing about? An Adwords remarketing campaign with no idea what industry standards are? Employee referral program with no clear execution plan? Targeted mailer for new wireless acquisition with no idea whom to target? Customer survey program with no questions to ask? Marketing your broadband packages to increase speed takes, with messaging that really touches your customers’ journey while completely unsure about what that messaging needs to be?

Now is the time to pick something that can help transform your journey in the upcoming months, or in preparation for 2016. The journey will be exciting, frustrating, and help set new goals. You may master something new easily, you may decide that the return is not there, but during the journey you will find something unique about yourself, your company, and find that little piece that will push you. Make the journey meaningful.

Coming soon, December 2015… Crow pose.

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  1. Chris Purdy says:

    Thanks for sharing. Good luck on the crow pose.

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