by Kelsie Montgomery


There is an emotional component and connection that makes your company stand out from the rest: your story.

Your story is the reason you’re doing what you’re doing. It is where you’ve come from and where you’re going. It is what inspires you as a company and as an individual employee, and what you’re doing with that inspiration.

Your story is an opportunity to connect with the community and consumers of your brand. If your story is told right, it invites consumers to interact with your brand, not just have exposure to it. Many times, stories are overlooked in the branding process. You’re not going to win loyal customers with a story such as, “Hi, I’m selling this thing, too. Choose us, not them.”

That kind of story makes people feel like this.

Pivot Group - Story

Pivot Group - Story

Who are you and what sets you apart? What makes your company the right choice to do business with? That’s the story you need to tell. When you know who you are as an entity, you can support your story with brand consistency in voice, imagery, tactics, events, etc.

What makes you stand out? Is it your humor, a no-nonsense/get-it-done attitude, or your reliability? Did your company have a unique defining moment? How are these things reflected in your brand?

In other words, does your current brand (design, voice, platform) fully encapsulate the story you want to tell? If your answer to this question is no, you’re missing out on an opportunity to connect with your consumers.

Tatcha, an up-and-coming makeup company, developed an oil blotting facial paper that led to it becoming one of the fastest growing makeup companies in the world. Company founder, Victoria Tsai, was inspired by an ancient geishan book of beauty rituals she rediscovered during a visit to Kyoto. Geishas used the backing paper of gold-leaf sheets to blot excess oils from their faces, resulting in a beautifully glowing complexion. Tatcha fused this history with their branding (story!) in their subtly gold-flecked, redefined blotting papers. When you use their product, you’re becoming a part of their story and engaging in that beautiful, ancient history.

Aetna has a beautiful brand story video that expresses their passions and what they’re doing to fulfill them.

I’ve heard it said that a good creative can speak in any voice. Y’all, Pivot is full of good creatives. Once we know your story, we can speak to creating something as unique as you, both visually and verbally.

Why do you care about your field and what you’re offering? Invite others to interact with your story.


Your story is worth telling.

Pivot Group - Story

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