by Ian Doescher


This is one of the best — and most rare — weeks of the year, when we in the United States stop for a minute and give thanks for everything we have in our life, communally and individually. What a difficult time this is in our world: refugees facing awful situations, terrorist attacks, politicians gearing up for an election and slinging mud on all sides. This could seem like a hopeless time of year, but on Thursday we will all pause our lives, step back and share with our family and friends what we are thankful for. Then we will all stuff our faces and watch football, but not until we’ve had our time for sharing our gratitude.

Pivot is thankful this year, for many things. In no particular order:

  • Our clients. This, of course, has to top the list, because without our clients there would be no Pivot. We are thankful for the people who choose to give us their business, whether you have been with us 11 years or 11 days, and many of whom we consider good friends. Thank you for being the reason we exist.
  • Each other. I have worked in a handful of places, and I think it’s safe to say I’ve never seen a work culture as fun and friendly as Pivot’s. We really do like each other, and I know we’re all thankful for our coworkers. Including and especially those who work remotely around the country.
  • Our families. We all have supportive families who are part of the Pivot extended family. It’s common to see children, siblings and parents of Pivoteers around the office, because our personal lives often bleed into our professional lives, and Pivot is a place that embraces that.
  • Snacks. Boy howdy, marketing agencies go through a ton of snacks, and where would we be without them? Depressed and shuddering in the corner of our office, that’s where.

Enjoy this holiday, enjoy the food, enjoy the company, enjoy even the football (but, for heaven’s sake, turn it off if your kids would rather play with you). This is a time for gratitude, a little light in a dark season.

Thank you.

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