It’s a Great Story

by Ian Doescher


A young, inexperienced farm boy dreams of a destiny beyond the stars. Through a series of coincidences that will only later be understood as fate, the farm boy joins a ragtag group of rebels fighting against an imperial power based on oppression, evil and abuse of power. Ultimately, after much loss and pain, the rebels are victorious and the evil empire is overthrown. A new rule arises in the empire’s place, led by those who believe in light, who believe in good. It’s a great story.

A teenage girl is called by a power greater than herself to face the derision of an unexpected pregnancy. Her fiancé, a much older man, accepts his responsibility and takes his place by her side. Forced by unjust political circumstances to flee their homeland, they arrive as refugees to a small town that has no room for two weary travelers. Still, in the midst of this darkness, newfound hope is born when the girl gives birth to a healthy baby boy, who will one day lead people with peace, justice and love. It’s a great story.

A group of very different people, many of whom bicker and squabble among themselves, are united by a common cause: to secure their freedom from an oppressive monarchy an ocean away. Protest leads to aggression, aggression leads to war, war leads to victory. The group that believed in and fought for their right to govern themselves secures that right, and begins an experiment in democracy that continues more than two hundred years later. The peaceful transfer of powers between leaders in this new nation is a symbol of stability in a world where the succession of one leader to another is often violent. It’s a great story.

Humans are driven by stories. Regardless of culture, race, era or geography, humans have been telling stories since humanity began. Stories are part of what makes us human and separates us from other creatures. When we hear a good story, our senses are heightened, our hearts are thrilled, our attention is rapt.

Let’s keep creating good stories together.

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