Pencils and Coloring Pages

by Aaryn Slafky


How do you keep in touch with your creative side? How do you unwind and decompress during a particularly stressful time? Lately, adult coloring books – adult in that they feature complex designs to color – have been gaining popularity as a tool to help adults get back in touch with their creative side and to release stress.

Marketers trade in the currency of creativity, so taking time to recharge is an important investment of your time and energy. If not a coloring book, perhaps it is a dry erase board tacked to your wall that forces you not only to doodle, but to get up from your desk to take a mental and physical break periodically. Whatever the tool you choose, the point is to actually break from the day-to-day to have a moment of creative unwinding, to immerse yourself in a bit of art and play. The beauty of a coloring book or a doodle, is that you don’t have to be an artiste. Perhaps create your own series of geometric patterns that you later color with pencils and later still, cut out and make into some sort of 3D paper piece. I hope you’ll set aside a few minutes regularly to exercise your creative side in this way.

I’d love to hear how you recharge your creativity. Please share in the comments section.

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