Temporal Moments in the Advertising World

by Monica Santi


My family and I moved from Portland, Oregon to Granite Bay, California in August. Not knowing the Sacramento area at all, I am anxious to learn all I can about what where to shop, whom to call for services, and what to see and do. In the space of a day it seems I went from being a relatively passive consumer of advertising to an active one. Instead of being annoyed by direct mail and emails, I now want to be bombarded by businesses and organizations in this area offering suggestions about where to go and what to do.

As I reflect on my experience, I realize  moving is one of those temporal moments in advertising. It is an opportunity for local businesses to make sure to let new residents know about their services and where they are located. As a new resident of Granite Bay, I use Google and social media to proactively educate myself, but I also really appreciate the direct mail postcards and magazines I receive. Advertisers use these tactics to target a message to me as a new resident and I find them very helpful.

We are in the midst of the event nearly every advertiser is taking advantage of: Christmas and Hanukah. As you plan your advertising and promotional calendar for the year, don’t forget to take advantage of tying your marketing message to the temporal moments relevant to your product or services and the lives of your customers. In addition to holidays, other temporal moments can be found in the change of weather, tax season, back-to-school, graduation, and, yes—relocating to a new area.

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