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Design Geek Challenge

by Jessica Lyon


We made you a quiz this week! Enjoy.

Design Geek Challenge!

Designers are total geeks. Dare to challenge your knowledge of design terms to see how you compare to the Pivot design team.

What is kerning?

The adjustment of space between two letters or characters.

The act of removing pieces of popcorn that have been lodged between your teeth.

The feeling you get when you find the perfect typeface for a project.

Refers to a consistent degree of increase (or sometimes decrease) of space between letters in an entire word.

What typeface is this?

Helvetica, silly.

Papyrus. And it should never be used. Ever.

Comic Sans. It makes designers cry.

This is a font, not a typeface.

What is a drop cap?

When your hat falls on the ground.

A large capital letter at the beginning of a text block.

When you forget to turn on the caps lock key. Oops!

A letter that drops below the baseline.

Which one of these is a Modern typeface?




In CMYK, which one of these swatches is 100% C?

What is a swatch? I’m pretty sure this is a trick question.




CMYK? Isn’t that a boy band from the 80s?

Which of the following is an em dash?

These all look the same to me. You’re insane.

What is the top of the letter “i” called?

A dot.

The head. (It looks like a little person!)

A tittle.

An ascender.

Who is considered the inventor of movable type?

Johannes Gutenberg

My mom.

Steve Guttenberg

What’s moveable type?


It’s ok. Don’t be sad. These were kinda hard.

You’re kinda geeky!

Not too shabby! But you might want to practice your kerning. 😉

You’re a super design geek!

Congratulations! You know things! Embrace your inner geek.

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  1. Beth Krause says:

    Loved it, Jessica!! (and NAILED it!)

    I should also note I did meet Steve Guttenberg once in a polka bar =)

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