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Yes, but is it relevant?

by Abby Lambert


Email marketing can be one of the most cost-effective ways to communicate with your customers. Email “postage” is cheap compared to direct mail. There’s no printing and handling involved, keeping costs and production time down. Your email list contains people who already know you as a trusted company that provides services they need. So, why aren’t your email campaigns more successful?

Check your relevancy rating

  1. Are you sending generic messages to your whole list? This is the “spray and pray” approach used in the direct mail model. Email recipients want an offer that speaks to their unique needs. You can segment your lists and content to better target these needs.
  2. Do you customize your messages? It’s easy to add the recipient’s name, city, etc. in the body of the email. Note: when using merge fields, it’s important that your list does not content all caps: no one likes to have their name shouted at the top of an email.
  3. Are you sending emails too often? Yes, you have great promotions and lots of news to share, but keep your emails to two per month. Readers will start tuning you out if you send too often – or worse yet, they might auto forward your messages to a “read later” folder.

There are many factors that influence the success of your email campaigns. Improving the relevancy of your emails is the easiest place to start.


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