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How I Met George

by Aaryn Slafky


I was traveling through Minneapolis earlier this year and had a free moment to run in to the flagship Verizon store at the Mall of America. I wanted to check out the displays and interactive aspects. If you have not been and you have anything to do with retail, check out this video.

Let me tell you about George. George works at this Verizon store. As I walked in with my iPhone in hand, ready to take photos as part of my quest, he immediately introduced himself and welcomed me. I didn’t want to mislead him or risk getting the evil eye when I started taking pictures, so I quickly explained that I work for a marketing agency and why I was there. He was very gracious, encouraging me to ask him any questions and to take my time exploring. He made me feel like he was happy to help me and it didn’t matter that I would not turn into a sale for him that day.

George didn’t hover. As I was completing my circuit of the store, he approached me again to ask what I thought and if I had questions. He used probing questions to engage me in conversation. He left a lasting impression that, should I have a cell phone need, this was the right place to come. Most importantly, he read me and my purpose and made the right judgement, not turning into that annoying sales guy we all run from.

Sales is about starting a conversation when there’s a conversation to be had. This store does a good job of facilitating those conversations, balanced with the freedom to explore. The displays are engaging and help draw you to products that match your interests. Is your retail space engaging and are your retail employees like George? Pivot is brimming with ideas on how to make this retail experience better. Let’s have a conversation!

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