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Refresh Others, Refresh Yourself

by Dave Nieuwstraten


When you think of the phrase “mortgage company,” what thoughts come to mind? Piles of paperwork? Regulatory hoops? Complicated jargon about points and rates? Yes, those might be common perceptions. Would you also think of a mortgage company as a major fundraiser for deserving charities? You might if you attended one of Guild Mortgage’s many fundraising events.

Recently, a few Pivoteers were able to attend one of Guild’s charity events. This event focused on supporting the Veterans Sportsman Alliance and Live Story. It was a great event to help those in need and got me thinking about a proverb I like: “The generous will prosper. Those who refresh others, will themselves be refreshed.” Generosity and serving others is a hallmark of the Guild leadership and team. They don’t do it as a publicity stunt. It’s how they are wired as people. And while it’s not part of some sales strategy, it does benefit their company. That’s because it helps attract and retain fantastic team members who are drawn to a company that cares. These team members bring these same qualities of care, empathy and service to their mortgage customers. Therefore, this company that is generous and works to “refresh” others finds themselves prospering because their culture of community service helps attract professionals who excel at serving home buyers.

I’m pleased to say a similar truth is present at Pivot. Our desire to give back, do pro bono work, and support nonprofits has helped us attract high quality, talented people who love that our company’s purpose extends to helping others.

There is a good lesson here for businesses. A business culture that includes doing good and serving our communities can help refresh us individually and help our businesses prosper. People who want to work for companies like that may well be the ones who drive your business to new levels of success.

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