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It’s as simple as you make it

by Abby Lambert


While traveling the Lincolnshire Wolds in England recently, my sister visited the village of Old Bolingbroke. Not to be confused with New Bolingbroke, which is located 6 miles away, Old Bolingbroke is home to 325 people, a couple of churches, and a historic landmark: the Old Bolingbroke Castle.

The first castle was built in the 12th century and was home to the local rulers. It was subsequently “remodeled” by others through the years and eventually fell down in 1815.

My sister wanted to tour the site. The gate was closed, but it had an informational sign:

Pivot Group - Castle Sign


Seeing no one around and undeterred by the vagueness of the sign, she opened the gate and enjoyed a leisurely walk around the ruins.

“It seemed like a reasonable time to me,” she said.

Pivot Group - Bolingbroke

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