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Welcome to Pivot Forward

by Ian Doescher


Pivot Forward 2016 - The Art Of MarketingI’m not sure how it turns out that it happens to be my turn for the blog each year during the week when Pivot Forward begins, but I’ve come to think of this article as an annual tradition. For those of you who don’t know, Pivot Forward it our annual—this year is our 6th!—conference for our telecommunications clients. Starting tonight (Tuesday night) and extending through Thursday afternoon, it is two and a half days of client catch-up, power-packed presentations and fun, fun, fun. Maybe that sounds like I’m overstating the case, but the conference really is one of the most fun (and yes, most busy) times we as a team have all year.

Of course, Pivot Forward doesn’t happen by itself. Planning generally starts in January, as we begin to look for a theme for the coming year’s conference. (Behind-the-scenes: this year’s theme, “The Art of Marketing,” was originally proposed—in January 2016—as “The Art and Science of Great Marketing.”) When Pivot Forward started, back in 2011, team members shared the responsibility for putting most of the conference details, because the team was only about 12 people. These days, with a team of 45, fewer people have more responsibility. It is the true heroes of Pivot Forward—Ameena Bossier, Annie Smith, Lisa Dierbeck, Jenny Green, Janice Crosswhite, Dave Nieuwstraten, Jeremy Graves, Sue Justesen, Jessica Henkle, and others I’m sure I’m forgetting—who have been tasked with the lion’s share of work for putting on a fantastic event.

And fantastic it shall be. I’m excited for our venue, the Portland Art Museum. I think it’s really cool that we have a really cool event website now. I’m excited to see the presentations and hear the discussions that happen. Bring it, Pivot Forward. We’re ready for you!

If you are a client joining us for Pivot Forward, welcome to Portland and we look forward to spending time with you. If you are a telecommunications client not coming to Pivot Forward, we hope you will join us next year. If you’re a client in another industry or just an avid Pivot blog reader, you may want to consider pursuing work in the telecommunications industry so you can join us next year.  🙂

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