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by Erik Doescher


Listen to enough marketing professionals, and you’re bound to be told (over and over) that it’s important to have a clear call to action on all of your marketing materials. The underlying assumption is that phrases like “Learn more at…”, or “Call today!” or “Sign up now!” will motivate potential customers to take immediate action, rather than delaying or simply ignoring your message.

But is that really true? Are calls to action as important as we think?

Consider the following ads:

Pivot Group - Call to Action

Pivot Group - Call to Action

Pivot Group - Call to Action

Notice anything missing? None of these ads have traditional calls to action, and yet, if you want a cab, caffeine, or cheeseburger, will you be confused about what to do or where to go?

Of course not.

Notice another thing these companies have done. They’ve focused on the important stuff. There’s no fluff, no extra copy to distract the reader or clutter the piece. The messages are simple, but compelling.

Am I saying you shouldn’t use calls to action? No, but I think you should be selective about when you use them. If you simply have your URL on an ad, will customers be left staring blankly at the ad because you didn’t say, “To learn more or sign up, visit us online today at”? I doubt it.

More important than calling someone to action is compelling them to action. To say something in your ad so irresistible, so meaningful, that even if you forgot to include your company name, logo, phone number, URL and every other identifying piece of information, customers would search you out and find you.

Remember: compel your customers to action first, and then you can think about calling them.

Oh, and just so I don’t forget…to learn more about being compelling in your advertising, contact Pivot Group today at 503.608.7810 or visit us online at

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