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Customer Love

by Jenny Green


If you’ve ever interacted with Pivot, you may have noticed that customer experience is a primary focus of ours. We love it; some of us go as far as calling ourselves “Customer experience evangelists.” So, when AMA Portland hosted a luncheon event about “Customer Love” recently, it was no surprise that a group of Pivoteers jumped at the opportunity to learn more.

The event, which was fittingly held on Valentine’s Day, focused on how Ruby, a local virtual receptionist company, uses “love” as its guiding principle.

While listening to Jill Nelson, Ruby’s founder and CEO, share more about how they incorporate love into everything they do, she shared a few thought provoking ideas that resonated with me. One of Ruby’s core values states, “For us, success isn’t measured by the number of phone calls answered, but the number of real, meaningful connections made on behalf of our customers.” Jill elaborated by saying, “More than ever, phone calls win business.”

It made me wonder about my behavior. Am I striving to make these real, meaningful connections at every opportunity? Am I intentional about each interaction or am I just going through the motions? Am I listening to what my clients are saying?

One of my favorite things Jill said was, “People thirst for kindness–we need to work with love and purpose.” Jill explained that, in her opinion, the opposite of love is fear, and went on to encourage us to not let past relationships and baggage influence our future interactions and experiences.

How many of us are still hanging onto a negative experience we had with a customer? Are we so fearful of rejection that we have become apprehensive in our efforts to make meaningful connections with our customers? Are we caught up in thinking about a past negative experience and unable to view a customer without visions of that experience clouding our interaction with him or her? Or are we working with love and purpose?

In the interactions we have each day, we have the opportunity to develop deep, meaningful connections that will last far longer than the interaction itself. Listening to how a customer’s day is going, what they are doing or what is happening in their life can open the door to making that connection. We just need to be empowered to act on those opportunities because, at the end of the day, all people want to be heard, valued and loved.

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