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The Basics of Brand Revitalization

by Monica Santi


Your brand identity is made up of the design elements that express who you are—your logo, your colors, fonts and other visuals—and the written elements of your brand, including your brand story. If you haven’t updated your brand identity in a number or years (or ever), your brand most likely has lost relevance in the marketplace.

Pivot helps companies develop their Brand Architecture, which is the written and visual elements that define the brand. Helping your company revitalize your brand identity is one of the projects Pivoteers get most excited about. We understand the importance of branding work, and feel honored when we are selected as a partner to accomplish this incredibly important work.

Keys to your successful brand revitalization project are:

  1. Organizational commitment to change: The leadership of your company must be united in the importance of a rebrand. It is an effort that can’t be solely drive by the marketing department.
  2. Research: What do you really mean to your customers and your employees? Research is critical to understanding this. Your brand is the sum total of your customers’ and employees’ perceptions. Understanding these perceptions will help craft written and verbal messages that resonate. If there are perceptions that you don’t like, the visual brand alone can’t fix all the issues, but it can be part of the strategy for shaping perceptions.
  3. Brand position: What is your company’s point of differentiation? Why do employees and customers believe in the brand? This information is crucial so we can apply what is relevant about your brand today.
  4. Communication: Company leadership must educate employees about the importance of a brand refresh. Leaders must over communicate with employees and involve them in the process so that they feel a part of the change. A company rebrand that is done well can bring employees together and help to refocus the organization.
  5. Implementation: To quote the singer/composer George Michael, “If you’re gonna do it. Do it right.”* The investment of time and money in a brand refresh is all for naught if you don’t also invest in rolling it out fully and in a timely manner.

Pivot’s Brand Architecture process is creative and fun. It’s not all about a possible new logo or a new look to advertising—it goes deeper than that. During a recent branding exercise, an employee remarked: “This is like a therapy session.” Indeed it is. To create an authentic brand for our clients, we ask questions to fully understand your company, competition and customers. This investment of time pays off through the establishment of a strong brand that tells a relevant and compelling story about your company.

Interested in learning more? We’d love to chat with you.


* I watched the Grammy’s Sunday night. Can you tell?

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