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Using Emojis in Email, Gmail Trends and More

by Abby Lambert

Connect emotionally with emoji

In recent years, the use of emoji in mobile and email marketing has skyrocketed. Similar to the way texting has changed how we interact on a daily basis, emoji* are now a form of communication that are familiar and attractive to email subscribers. You can use emoji in your preview text or in your subject line to grab attention. Emoji also allow you to say more with less words.

Things to consider when using emoji:

  • Pivot Group - EmojiSome emoji are more popular than others, but don’t let that limit your choices. Any emoji that visually and/or emotionally reflect your message can be effective.
  • You can use emoji in several locations: your subject line, preview header text, and the body of your email.
  • Note: emoji may not display the same in all email clients – be sure to test your email in the most popular clients before sending.

For more details, read more here.


Gmail continues to grow and improve

  • Gmail now owns 20% of the email client space with more than 1 billion monthly users—with 75% of them on mobile devices.
  • Litmus lists Gmail as #2 in their top 10 most popular email clients, second only to Apple’s iPhone Mail, which continues to dominate with a 32% share.
  • Caution ahead: your email recipients with older systems will experience reduced ability to view their Gmail. For users of XP or Vista, Gmail will work as usual until December 2017. After that time XP and Vista users will be redirected to the basic HTML version of the email service which is less attractive, and could possibly increase security risks.

The more you know! Happy emailing.


* The plural form of emoji, in Japanese, is simply “emoji.” In English either emoji or emojis is acceptable for the plural, but we’re taking a page from the Japanese for today’s article.




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