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The Law of Attraction

by Jeremy Graves


I love taking my kids to school. There are too few of those moments for us, but I look forward to them and try to find something meaningful to share with my girls. Lately, it’s been this nugget: “Madison and Olivia, you are magnets. Be careful what you attract.”

It’s true, isn’t it? Hopefully, you find yourself surrounded with positive, kind, supportive, energetic friends and coworkers. If you lead a team, ask yourself what the words are that you want to describe them and how they serve others.

Words like, “Warm, engaging, passionate, fun, creative, sharp, independent, risk taking, free-thinkers” come to mind when I think of our team at Pivot. There’s an intentionality to creating those environments and inviting like-minded people like that into your life.

I’m blessed to have that at Pivot and to see those characteristics in my daughters. Do I have all those qualities? Absolutely not. Do I want them? Of course. It starts by trying to be that person and then surrounding myself with those who have qualities I admire.

So, as you go about your day remember: “You’re a magnet. Be careful what you attract.”

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