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What can we learn from our favorite brands?

by Erik Doescher


Let’s try a quick exercise.

It won’t take long.

Maybe five minutes.

Four if you hurry.



Let’s go…

Think of a brand you admire.

A brand you love.

A brand that stands for something great.

A brand you’d love for your company to emulate.

Now think of their advertising.

What do you notice?

Are you motivated to Just Do It?

Are you inspired to Think Different-ly?

Do you feel you’re in Good Hands?

Are you ready to Eat Fresh?

Yeah, me too.

Now, think about what you’re not focused on?

You’re not focused on a certain running shoe.

Or a specific device.

Or an insurance policy.

Or a particular sandwich.

You know why?

Because the brand you admire doesn’t focus on advertising a particular product or service.

Think about it.

When you think of the brand, you’re thinking of something more.

Because they’ve given you a reason to like them.

They’ve given you a reason to trust them.

They’ve given you a reason to want to do business with them that goes beyond the product or service they’re offering.

And you know what?

It works.

Because at the end of the day, we buy the running shoes.

And the devices.

And the insurance policies.

And the sandwiches.

So what can we learn from the brands we love?

How can we follow their leads?

What can we focus on that means more?

And how does that change what we do today?

And tomorrow?

If we build more meaningful brands,

Sales of our products and services will follow.

So Think Different.

And Just Do It.

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