Advertising and Message Testing

What message do you want to convey? Pivot evaluates and tests marketing messages whether it’s an advertising concept, brand or category name, logo, tagline, packaging or other promotional content.

On a daily basis, people see hundreds, if not thousands, of ads and competing messages.  Communicating with smart and creative messages through effective channels is more critical than ever, but being heard through the noise can be a challenge.  Pivot researchers help you understand market needs and values and develop, test and isolate the most powerful messages for your brand — the ones that cut through and inspire action.

Pivot tests advertising and messages using focus groups, phone interviews, in-depth interviews, and web surveys. Pivot’s qualitative and quantitative research can answer the questions below to determine the most persuasive and noticeable message(s) for your product, service or brand.

  • How can we optimize our advertising campaigns?
  • What messages are right for each channel?  (including print, online, TV, radio and packaging)
  • In which channels can we improve message performance?
  • Are we displaying the right content on our website?
  • What is the relative persuasiveness of each message element being considered?
  • How do messaging elements resonate across market segments?
  • How can a series of independent messages support overall positioning?
  • How can we assess how the market will react to our campaign before it’s launched?
  • How do we measure the effectiveness of our campaigns over time?
  • Are messages hitting the right audience? Are they increasing sales?  Are they having the right effect on our brand image?


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