Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

The saying is true: it’s easier to keep existing customers than win new ones. Pivot conducts benchmarking and tracking studies for many clients to measure and monitor satisfaction with products, pricing and services. Pivot’s analysis tools uncover the critical areas that, if addressed, will have the greatest positive impact on satisfaction.

The Internet magnifies the voice of your customers, as they interact with each other via social media and tell their stories, good or bad. Individuals can now reach audiences of unprecedented numbers quickly.  Every day your competitors are launching new products, using new channels and making irresistible marketing offers.  One mistake in your customer service can be one mistake too many.

Successful companies place customers at the center of their decision-making process and develop strategies that deliver a consistently positive experience at every touch point.  Delivering positive customer experiences in today’s hyper-competitive world requires continuous satisfaction monitoring and improvement.  Pivot’s team of research experts design, manage and analyze customer satisfaction and loyalty research to gather accurate and timely feedback.  We support our analysis with an understanding of how the total customer experience relates to internal and market factors. The result is confident business decisions backed by intelligent research and industry expertise.

Listed below are examples of questions and objectives we address and help you achieve with customer satisfaction and loyalty research:

  • How important are specific traits or customer service attributes in selecting a company or brand?
  • How satisfied are customers that these traits or attributes are being met today?
  • What is or was the main reason for selecting our company/brand at the time the decision was made?
  • What do customers like most or least about our company?
  • How well are we performing in the eyes of our customers?
  • How likely are customers to recommend our company to friends or family members?
  • How well is our business model delivering on overall expectations and specific touch points?
  • Which improvement initiatives will have the biggest impact on satisfaction?
  • How well is our company performing compared with the competition?
  • What changes would customers value most?

Our non-customer research programs — researching your competitors’ customers — provide you with valuable information including an understanding of potentially unmet needs in the marketplace.  Pivot’s in-depth analysis tools include vulnerability analysis, value share analysis, satisfaction mapping and positioning analysis.  Each of these tools is designed to address specific competitive situation questions.  This approach not only provides an excellent understanding of differences in customer satisfaction, but also exposes those areas that, if exploited, can help retain existing customers and capture additional market share. 


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