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Recent updates to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) pose greater restrictions on who is permitted to call consumers’ cell phone numbers. These rules provide welcomed protection from fraudulent callers, wrongdoers, and hucksters, but they make no exceptions for constructive trade practices like market research and customer satisfaction surveys. Efficient data collection methods such as automated phone surveys, IVR surveys and auto-dialing are not permitted to dial cell phone numbers, and as a result, DIY survey companies like Precision Polling, a SurveyMonkey company, are no longer doing business.

With 60% of all households using only or mostly cell phones, it’s now critical for any market research or customer survey to include cell phone dialing to achieve accurate representation of the population or customer base. Pivot has extensive experience conducting live caller surveys that reach and engage respondents with the most accurate representation possible. This includes surveys for political campaigns, customer satisfaction, quality assurance, non-profits, conferences, new product demand assessments, awareness, behavioral, attitudinal, and brand assessment surveys.

A successful telephone survey project relies heavily on the skillset of the interviewers to reach and engage the best, most qualified, and willing participants. This is especially true for projects involving low incidence audiences and/or with small segment population sizes.

Pivot interviewers are not the average type who are typical of large traditional call center environments. Most of our interviewers have five or more years of experience conducting research interviews with a wide range of consumer and B2B audiences. They include retired professionals, college-educated homemakers, and college students. They are resourceful and persistent, yet they possess the delicate and professional demeanor required to reach and engage the most qualified individuals for the study. This ensures that we not only collect the highest quality information possible, but also that we optimally represent your brand.

Using our Web-based CATI system, Pivot is able to track, monitor and report all dialing, interviewing and sampling history details. The automated system supplies all necessary information on the number of attempts, call back appointments, productivity of individual interviewers, busy numbers, disconnected or non-working numbers, answering systems or voice mail, initial refusals, mid-terminates, and communication barriers. Pivot employs the standard research procedures for number of attempts, with up to five made on different days and at different times to reduce bias resulting from non-response due to respondent unavailability. Call records and data are reviewed by fielding management daily to verify that sample specifications are met and data accuracy and thoroughness are maintained.

Business Survey Capabilities

On any given business day of the year, Pivot is conducting five to ten phone interview projects among business decision-makers. They represent a wide range of industries including financial institutions and banks, manufacturing, retail, travel and hospitality, healthcare and hospitals, consumer package goods, high tech, communications, utilities, oil and gas, media entertainment, and more.

Proper sample management with large business decision-makers is critical, yet it’s among the most challenging of all. We acquire multiple contact names per company, which allows more options for reaching someone and gathering referral names. Our callers don’t just dial quickly through the numbers. Interviewers spend time on each company and treat every person they reach with a high level of courtesy and professionalism, no matter who answers the call. Sampling “momentum” is gained in the first week or two as callers are gathering names and referral contact information, setting callback times and scheduling future calls.

Pivot’s Customer Call Back Program for Quality Assurance Support

Providing high-quality products, good overall value, and a positive customer experience are key factors driving customer sales and retention. In today’s competitive times, staying close to the customer – with a structured process for follow-up feedback– has never been more important. For this reason, Pivot’s customer call back program is highly valued by company managers, marketers, customer service managers, and outside plant/operations managers.

How Does Pivot’s Customer Call Back Program Benefit You?

Companies around the country appreciate the following benefits:

  1. You are able to hear first-hand (from your customers) regarding their experience with your company and products.
    1. Find out if customers are having the experience you want to deliver. See gaps in expectations vs. reality.
    2. Identify what customers like and also learn about areas that can be improved. Customer-driven input helps improve performance.
    3. The surveys provide great opportunities for training and coaching.
  2. Knowing these surveys are conducted monthly will reinforce desired positive behavior of customer service representatives and technicians.
  3. The survey script can be changed slightly each quarter to provide customer feedback on key issues. For example, the surveys can be used to monitor customer awareness of products, interest in new offerings, and key drivers as to why they chose you.
  4. You will get a feel for customer loyalty and understand the positive and negative word-of-mouth being generated.
  5. Generate product sales leads and testimonials.
  6. If a customer has an urgent need or complaint, Pivot will promptly e-mail a “Call Back Alert” to the designated representative, so you can take relevant action.
  7. Other measurements as needed can be integrated into the calls.

Client surveys are developed as a collaborative effort, with our existing surveys acting as a starting point. Pivot will work with you to finalize a survey that is right for your needs. Contact Pivot today to start building your customer feedback loop using our call back program.


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