Your customer service team is your front line for building customer relationships and selling your products and services. Pivot takes the long view of training, working with customer service teams to create lasting change.
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  • Pivot Group traveled to our facility and led a sales training session for our employees... We received so many positive comments about the training. The training was straightforward and clear -- everyone went away knowing that sales is something you do every day whether you realize it or not. We were able to build on existing skills with this additional training.

    Debbie Dixon Customer Service Manager Twin Lakes Telephone
  • The biggest thing for me was our instructor's ability to relate to our field. In the past, we have had different types of service training but never by someone with such an intimate knowledge of rural telcos. For us, this meant we could ask specific questions and get specific insight that we would not have been able to get from someone who had worked in another field. It was very reassuring for all of us.

    Telecom Management Services in TN
  • Pivot's training was tailored specifically to the needs of our company. The training was practical and included real examples of how to implement a retention plan in our company. I would recommend Pivot's training to other companies.

    People's Rural Telephone Cooperative in McKee, KY
  • I was pleasantly surprised with the level of involvement during the training by our staff, including the technicians! Many of the Customer Care Reps offered their feedback about how much they enjoyed the training and the relevance to their daily experiences. On the following day, one of our Customer Care Reps closed a sale with a customer who was on the fence with our company. Using her sharpened skills she closed the sale easily by selling the customer on our company and services rather than by price!

    Amanda Singleton Customer Care Manager Rainier Connect

Our Training Clients

Training Services

Customer Service and Sales Training

Pivot’s customer service and sales program uses robust training and performance feedback systems to help your sales team improve call performance, increase customer satisfaction, generate sales, and be more confident and informed.

Retention Training

Keeping your customers is as important as winning new ones. Our retention training program ties customer service skills to retention techniques to ensure you have done everything possible to keep your customers where they should be — with you.

Supervisor Coaching and Training

Have your supervisors lost their focus on motivating, encouraging and teaching?  Pivot’s coaching offers support so leaders can improve their staff and inspire them to meet company objectives.  This training also includes tools for documenting and evaluating staff.

Customer Service Call Scoring

Call scoring is a powerful resource for managers seeking to improve the call experience for their customers.  Pivot scores recorded calls to ensure customer service representatives are not missing sales opportunities and are providing stellar customer care.

Ongoing Reinforcement

Keep the boost going!  Pivot recognizes the value of traditional onsite training, so we have developed recurring training resources to help your company sustain the sales peak that typically follows onsite training.

Product Launches

What good is launching a new product if your customer service staff doesn’t know how to use it? Pivot offers training in new products and services to help your staff grow in knowledge and understanding, be seen as experts by your customers, and ultimately increase sales.


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